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See How Possip Helps You Hear From Your Community

Ask. Listen. Act.

📆 Thursday, April 18th, 2024

⏰ 11 AM CT / 12 PM ET

🖥️ Virtual via Zoom

Use Possip’s multilingual, text-based surveys to amplify the voices of your families to learn about their attendance needs and gather praise in an easy and digestible way.


Untitled design-1 You need to hear from your families, students, and staff. 

Untitled design-1 You are short on time but value the people in your community.

Untitled design-1 You can let Possip do the heavy lifting. 

“They {districts} wouldn’t even be able to find a comparable product. The whole concept of Possip… I’ll stand behind it!” Catalina Medrano, M.Ed, Texas Education Agency
"Our Public Relations Manager was so excited because of how it could help with marketing and just having that additional input from the parents was the absolute best… Plus, not having to do the work ourselves to pull their responses together was amazing.” Michelle Bishop, Director of Compliance at South Carolina Whitmore School
"My teachers really love that recognition [from Possip]; it validates their work. It's always good to get praise, but when we get it from our parents, that's really great." LaToya Cobb, Principal at Amqui Elementary

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